Moments of Praise 3rd Year Anniversary


Saturday, November 10, 2010  9:00 am

Iglesia Cristiana Puerta del Cielo

5563 Peach Avenue

Seffner, Florida  33584

(at the home studio of Moments of Praise)

We need the cooperation of everyone to bring a dish.  If you see something you would like to bring, email Arleen at and she will put your name on the list.

Thank you again for your cooperation.


American cheese w/condiments (Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard and Relish) -

Bags of Ice - Ana Vega

Baked Beans - 

Burgers & Buns - Quique Perez

Chicken - Margie & Jorge

Chicken Wings - Luz Morales

Chips and Dips - Francia Colon

Cole Slaw - 

Cuban Coffee, Milk and Sugar - Luz Morales

Cups for drinks & Styrofoam cups for coffee -  Mini Brito

Curry Chicken Wings - 

Dessert - Rebecca Perez

Dessert - Minerva Perez

Dessert - Ana Vega

Dinner Rolls - 

Hot Dogs & Buns - 

Macaroni Salads - Lucy Franco

Pasta (Chicken Alfredo) - Minerva Perez

Perniles (2 Pork Shoulder) - Ulpiano Lugo

Plantanos Maduros - 

Plates, Silverwares & Napkins - Mini Brito

Potato Salads - 

Ribs - 

Rice (arroz con gandules) - Cheleca

Rice (arroz congri) - 

Rice (home made chinese rice) - 

Rice (white rice w/beans - your choice) - Margie Lugo

Sodas & Water - Ana Vega

String Bean Casserole - 

Toss Salad w/Dressings -

Yuca con Mojo -  



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