Daniel Lugo

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.
                                                 Philippians 4:13

  Daniel Lugo was born in Miami, Florida on June 5, 1955. He was brought up from a very young age in a large Christian family home, he was always interested in music and ministry. In October 26, 1974, he married Margarita Lugo, that was also raised in a Christian family home and loves singing for the Lord.  They both have worked in the music ministry for many years.  He worked as a musician and also as a coordinator for the musical group “El Alba” while his wife was one of the singers.  He has, as many Christians have had, his ups and downs in his walk with Christ, but with the help of God, his family and his wife, has been able to overcome it all.  In December 2006 they have moved to Tampa, Florida because his mother was ill.  Daniel and his Wife are now members of the Iglesia Christiana Puerta Del Cielo.  He is a musician in the church and very active in the church ministry.  He is no stranger to radio and TV, broadcasting through phone lines and otherwise. He has done so while ministering with music groups, working with churches and other Christian companies.


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